The Internews Health Journalism Network (HJN) is a community of media professionals who cover health and are interested in accessing specialized training and resources to enhance their impact and reach. When you join HJN, you will have the opportunity to be in conversation with global health experts and other experienced media colleagues from around the world. You will also be alerted about potential opportunities that can support your work. 

Membership is for individuals, informal groups and networks that report on health. We offer all members the opportunity to access, contribute and share resources that can add value to their work, enable them to collaborate and benefit from the experience of peers, and access opportunities for career development and growth.

Our Commitment

As a community of health media professionals, we acknowledge our responsibility in covering health topics that have the potential to improve and save human lives. We promote diversity and inclusion by creating a space where every voice matter, opinions are encouraged and expressed respectfully, and everyone deserves to be heard and seen. Members of the HJN abide to the highest principles of journalism ethics, commit to fact-checking shared information, and strive to remain objective when reporting health stories. HJN members put the information needs of their audiences first, address their concerns with professional integrity, and aim to bridge the information gaps that often prevent vulnerable communities from shaping mainstream conversations about health and wellness.