Welcome to the HJN podcast!

Since the birth of the HJN in October of 2020 we are constantly thinking of new ways to bring together relevant health information alongside the wealth of media talent from our Members around the world. In 2022, we kicked off our very own HJN podcast featuring global health experts, internal experts from Internews and of course, Members like you. Check this page regularly as we continue to produce more podcasts for, and with, our Members! Have an idea for an HJN podcast episode? Let us know! It could be on an interesting story or project you’ve done in your region, a local health innovation, or maybe a topic in health that we haven’t covered (yet!). Don’t be shy!

March 2022

In this short conversation ahead of International Women’s Day, HJN member Chidera Rosecamille Aneke is in conversation with Paula Orlando, Internews Senior Program Officer for Knowledge and Gender. Together they discuss what it means to achieve more gender balance in the newsroom and in the stories we cover. This conversation is based on the Reflect Reality resource for journalists and is framed with health reporters in mind.

February 2022

How can journalists engage with unvaccinated persons? Hosted by Kathryn Cleary
A conversation with social and behavior change expert, John Kinsman, from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, featuring questions posed by our former 2021 HJN Ambassadors.

Health Journalism Network Information Bites

These podcasts discuss various health issues linked to COVID-19, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, stigma, face masks, boosting the immune system, reporting on COVID-19 variants (including the Delta variant), and much more. Many of these podcasts, which average in length between 15 to 30 minutes, feature our Pandemic Media Mentors, some of whom are medical doctors and/or experienced health journalists. Feel free to use these sound bites and credit us accordingly.