Claves de Salud Webinars Continue!

Thanks to a project supported by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, we have been able to offer our HJN Members in the LAC region, a second series of Claves de Salud webinars aimed at equipping local journalists and health communicators with the knowledge and tools to bring evidence-based information to their audiences. Many HJN Members in the LAC region work with communities who do not have easy access to mainstream media and who have been historically marginalized. This project seeks to empower local news providers with accurate scientific information and the ability to interact directly with health experts, ask questions and share the concerns of the communities they work with. Below are the webinars we have offered so far, starting from the most recent one, with a direct link to the recordings.

Social media post of Monkeypox event with Dr. Eva Orviz.
On May 14, 2022, the United Kingdom warned the appearance of two cases of the Monkeypox virus. Cases have also been detected in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Argentina, and case numbers have started to increase. As of June 7th, more than 1,034 known cases had been reported in 31 countries. Many questions have a arisen. You may be thinking: What’s going on? Has this animal virus adapted to humans? Are we facing a new health emergency? What do we know so far about the monkeypox virus? How can we protect ourselves? If I am vaccinated against human smallpox, am I protected? In this Claves de Salud event Dr Eva Ortiza will discuss the latest news, scientific research, treatments and cases of this virus. Watch recording.

Social media post for mental health event.
This event focuses on COVID-19’s impacts on mental health among populations in vulnerable contexts, specifically Afro-descendant and last mile communities in the LAC region. What resources have they been using? What urgent psychosocial support and psychological first aid (PFA) measures should we adopt to bring visibility to a hidden pandemic, which causes enormous, yet often silent suffering? Anxiety disorder alone affects approximately 27% of young people between the ages of 13 and 29 in Latin America. Speakers: Sandra Herrera, clinical psychologist, Pablo Montoya, HJN Member & director of Sinergias; Rider Minotta, an indigenous psychology student from Vaupés at the Universidad Externado de Colombia. Nathaly Espitia Díaz, Program Officer at Internews moderates. Watch recording (Spanish language).

Social media graphics about Corbevax vaccine with Maria Elena Bottazzi
In this session, we have the pleasure to speak with Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi, a medical doctor originally from Honduras and currently the co-Director of the Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Texas. She is the creator of the first COVID-19 vaccine free of patents and as such has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This session is moderated by Spanish journalist and Internews Health Media Mentor Graziella Almendral. Watch the recording (in Spanish language).