Indigenous Trans Reporter Reflects on Her Experience Attending the WCSJ 2023

By Hillary Jency Vanegas Meléndez, Broadcaster at the community radio station Radio Andaquí 88.1 FM in Cololmbia: “Alas para tu voz”

“As a person managing two professional media roles: radio host and journalist, Internews has strengthened my communication skills in the city of Florence, in the Amazon region of Colombia. I have gained plenty of knowledge and skills as a journalist. The tools, the wisdom and the time spent spent in many media training workshops equipped me with the tools to strengthen journalism in my territory.”

“Being at the WCSJ in Medellin has inspired me to become a science journalist. It was a great opportunity to participate in a global conference that seeks to strengthen science journalism across Latin America. I have also been able to improve my own skills as a general reporter. I am internalizing many lessons that I plan to share them with my people. I take back with me new knowledge. For example, how to cover environmental issues, climate change, science, and the evolution of the human brain.”

“The truth is that I have a lot more knowledge now to offer others. I am proud to know what it is really like to be a science journalist and to be attending this summit. I also want to thank the person who guided me through this learning process from the beginning through the Internews Rooted in Trust project. I sincerely thank Paola Roa Pena for the strength, the teachings, and for always reaching out and knocking on the doors where the reporters of my territory continue to work on a daily basis. May God bless her very much!

HIllary and Paola in Medellin!
Hillary (Left) and Paola Roa Pena (Right) in Medellín, Colombia!