One Health Toolkit

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One Health is a collaborative, multisectoral approach, which recognizes the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment with the objective of achieving optimal health outcomes. Internews has used its Rumor Tracking methodology to engage groups from multiple sectors to collect and analyze data through social media monitoring as well as community forums to identify rumors and trends and to conduct analysis on key topics related to One Health. Information and relevant action will be used to produce healthier environments to reduce disease burden, environmental degradation and build community resilience.

Chapter 1

In this first chapter, we introduce the concept of One Health and the idea that together we are stronger when tackling big picture challenges or grappling with emergencies and disasters. The One Health approach mobilizes multiple sectors, disciplines and communities at various levels of society to work together to foster well-being and tackle threats to health and ecosystems, while addressing the collective need for clean water, energy and air, safe and nutritious food, taking action on climate change, and contributing to sustainable development. Download the file below to take an in-depth look at chapter 1.

Chapter 2