International Women’s Media Foundation Launches Global Health Reporting Initiative

The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is in the process of selecting a total of 30 journalists from across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in their Global Health Reporting Initiative that focuses on countering mis- and dis-information around vaccines and immunization.

From September to December 2021, a select group of media professionals will participate in a virtual course that will increase access to global and regional experts, trusted sources and evidence-based information on vaccines and immunization. This initiative is established with the support of the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Immunization Advocates program.

Following the course, the IWMF will provide this cohort with competitive grants, along with mentoring from senior reporters, in order to support clear, comprehensive and factual reporting on vaccines and immunization. This Initiative will enable journalists to provide their communities with essential information through accurate and timely reporting.

The application process is now open in both English and Spanish until July 22. Find out more.