Cholera in Africa: New Outbreaks and the Impact of Tropical Cyclone Freddy

A new cholera outbreak has emerged in South Sudan and Tropical Cyclone Freddy threatens to intensify the spread of cholera in all affected countries in the East and Southern Africa region. In this Media Dialogue, Dr. FELIX (OLANIYI) SANNI, a WHO epidemiologist will give us the latest on the cholera outbreak and how the cyclone will challenge the healthcare response in Malawi. We’ll also hear about a unique approach to cholera management by the Christian Health Association of Malawi, and Internews pandemic mentor Dr. Jaya Shreedhar will counsel journalists on ways they can cover this rapidly developing crisis.

The Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) delivers 37% of health services in Malawi and serves a catchment area of 30% of Malawi’s population, pursuing a OneHealth approach in the current cholera response which acknowledges that the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems are closely interlinked. CHAM’S OneHealth approach and focus on WASH, will add a fresh perspective to the discussions. In addition, Internews Media Mentor Jaya Shreedhar will advise journalists on how they can cover this crisis while debunking the harmful fake news that is circulating about the cholera outbreak. Participants are invited to send questions for the speakers in advance. This Media Dialog is brought to you by the Media Taskforce of the Eastern and Southern Africa Inter-Agency working group for Risk Communication and Community Engagement.