FAITH ‘N’ SCIENCE: Harmonizing Religious and Scientific Perspectives on Vaccination

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The FAITH ‘N’ SCIENCE resource series is a collaborative effort by IMA World Health, the African Christian Health Association Platform (ACHAP) and Internews. The resources are an organic response to the evolving communication needs of our work with faith leaders, health workers and journalists under a vaccine equity project in sub-Saharan Africa, supported by the Osprey Foundation.

This project has unearthed an emerging and vital communications gap: faith leaders were in need of language they could deploy to share their growing conviction about the value of science with their followers, without appearing to be at conflict with their faith.

Many of the concerns/myths related to COVID-19 vaccines are relevant to other vaccines as well.

Each of the 4-page brochure-style resources speaks to a specific aspect of indecision about immunization, as identified by our rumor-tracking work, which we see depicted on the front of the resource. The back of the resource offers a positive nudge to get vaccinated. Inside, the resources offer four trusted perspectives from 1) a faith leader, 2) a doctor, 3) a health worker and 4) a journalist, each explaining the evidence about the benefits of vaccines. 

Each explanation is written in the kind of language that can be used to counter misinformation and communicate evidence-driven messages that harmonize faith and science in a mutually respectful way.

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