Why so fast? COVID-19 vaccine developed at record speed, but not in haste

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One of the most common concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine is: “It cannot be a quality vaccine, because it was developed too fast.”

The assumption that COVID-19 vaccines were developed “too fast” and are therefore unsafe and do not work is false and based on a misunderstanding of a number of issues. This false narrative has been hijacked and spread by anti-vaccination lobby groups to discredit COVID-19 vaccines and vaccines in general.

The scientific facts are that the speeded-up process did not compromise safety or the scientific integrity of COVID-19 vaccines. In part, it reflected the extraordinary scientific advances in the types of vaccines which allowed scientist to do things in months, that took years before.

There are several reasons why a COVID-19 vaccine was developed at such impressive speed, compared to other vaccines. Explore them in this resource: