Vaccine Stories Production Grants

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This opportunity is now closed!

Do you have a vaccine-related story that you are keen to produce but have been unable to because of a lack of funding and/or mentorship support? If you are a registered member of the Internews Health Journalism Network and have taken our online course Let’s Talk Vaccines, you can pitch your story idea to us and tie it to one of the four story categories listed below. In a maximum of 250 words tell us why you think your proposed story is unique and adds value to the conversation about vaccines.

The Internews Let’s Talk Vaccines course (currently only available in English) offers journalists a deep dive into the evolving science around vaccines, the efforts to secure access to COVID-19 vaccines, the mammoth logistical task of planning and securing rollout and efforts to support vaccine confidence. To accompany this educational effort, we are seeking compelling features from HJN members in four distinct categories that you can choose from:

  1. SCIENCE:  stories about vaccine science, research, and development (and any story ideas generated from your reading in Module 1 of Let’s Talk Vaccines)
  2. ACCESS: stories about countries’ access to the global pool of vaccines or about health (and vaccine) access for populations at risk and marginalized groups; stories about holding those in power accountable for securing equitable access (and any story ideas generated from your reading and thinking in Module 2 of Let’s Talk Vaccines)
  3. LOGISTICS: stories about transportation, refrigeration, planning, training of health staff and any aspects related to the logistical efforts involved in ensuring vaccines are delivered and administered (find story ideas, as applied to your country in Module 3 of Let’s Talk Vaccines)
  4. CONFIDENCE: for stories that correspond to this section of Let’s Talk Vaccines (Module 4) we would like you to pitch and produce first-person narratives as a specific genre of storytelling. Find someone who is comfortable to tell you about a personal experience with vaccines, either COVID-19 or another kind of vaccine. This category is about telling the human stories behind vaccine science, access, and/or confidence.

Story pitches may be submitted from Thursday, July 8 to Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

You may submit your pitches in English, Spanish, Arabic or French and your final story may be in your native language. If your idea is selected, you will receive US$250 to produce the story by Tuesday August 31. In the process, you will be partnered with one of our Pandemic Media Mentors to receive guidance and/or support for your story idea.